Isopentyl acetate report – due date & extra info

As reported in lecture this evening, the lab report for this experiment will be due at the “end” of Monday, Nov 16. FYI “end” means before I arrive on Tuesday morning.

I forgot one vital piece of information concerning the lab report: what information needs to be printed out in your NMR spectrum.
First, I would like to see a spectrum that shows all of the relevant
signals (and the spaces between them) on a single page. This would be
the region from just to the right of TMS and extending to the left side
of the triplet at about 4.1 ppm. So you might zoom from -0.2 to 4.2 ppm?

Second, I would like to see that integrations were performed for all
peaks and peak picking was performed on a “need to pick” basis
(basically all patterns except for the singlet). If I can see these
data on the same spectrum as the -0.2 to 4.2 ppm so much the better.

As a practical matter, however, you might find it useful to look at the
complicated patterns around 1.5 and 1.7 ppm more closely than a
one-page printout allows. You can look at them on the computer screen
using SpinWorks. You might also find it helpful to print this region
out on a separate piece of paper. If you do this, adjust the horizontal
and vertical scales so that you can see signals clearly.

So, at most, two pieces of paper, the original one encompassing all 5 patterns + TMS, and (optionally) an expansion of the small, hard-to-see patterns.

Finally, you might derive some benefit from a post that I made last year regarding this lab report. See Reporting IR & NMR & GC data (posted Dec 6, 2008)

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