Lab this week – NMR Workshop

Those of you who check the online lab calendar have probably wondered what is an NMR workshop?

Simple. It’s classroom time devoted to studying Loudon, Chapter 13, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy.

The students in each lab session this week will spend 2.5-3 hours working on ChemActivities dealing with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy. This will prepare you to print out and interpret your NMR spectrum of isopentyl acetate in the final hour of the lab session. So, in short, we will be doing classroom work and computer work this week, but no wet lab work.

The Monday and Tuesday lab sections will meet in Rm. 105 at 1:10 PM. The Wednesday lab section will meet in Rm. 301 at 1:30 PM (there will be a Chem 101 conference finishing up around that time so we will wait in the hallway until they are finished). After the classroom work, each lab section will move to the computer lab (Rm. 203) during the final hour of the lab.

One or two students may also need to wrap up work on the synthesis of isopentyl acetate this week. I’d appreciate it if these students would remind me of their situation so the instructors and lab assistants can plan accordingly.

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