Get ready for Quiz #1 (& Advice from 2013)

As you prepare for our quiz later this week, keep two things in mind:

  1. There are lots of resources to help you: sample quiz (with answers) from 2013, practice problems online and in your book, online supplements that I have written, me, helpers in the DoJo.
  2. In order to benefit from these resources, you have to allow time for them to operate. Very few challenges can be turned around instantaneously. The “computer” that you call your brain is based on living, growing cells and the chemical reactions they undergo. You are not silicon-based.

For some quick inspiration, check out Advice from 2013’s Chem 201 class (part 1). Also, make sure to acquaint yourself with the guidelines for taking in-class and take-home quizzes on our Exams page.


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