Health-O-Ween Special Offer – Free Meditation INSTRUCTION

Hi folks,

Alan Shusterman (chemistry), here.

The Reed Wellness committee has designated October Health-O-Ween month and put together a list of wellness activities for you to try out. One of these is “Monster” Meditation, our weekly meditation sessions that we hold during the noon hour on Tuesdays in the Eliot chapel.

If you have some meditation experience and would like to try it out, just show up any time between 12 & 12:40. Need a little more info about what we do? Check out the Our Practice and Our Schedule pages..

Never meditated before? No problem. Send me an email during Health-O-Ween ( and I’ll set up a meeting for a free 15-minute lesson.

Or try it on your own. Here are self-starting options for the “jump right in” person and the cautious one who likes to “read the manual” first:

  • Jump right in? Select from the list of Resources or the options under Sit Now. 10 minutes of practice and you’ll be set.
  • Read the manual? Great. =) Check out Instructions (also in the word cloud at right) for a zillion essays on how to get started. Or, go directly to this 22 September 2015 post: Beginner’s Guide to Meditation.