Camarina and Gela

Today, we visited our final two major Greek colonies, and our luck with the weather finally ran out. Fortunately, both sites are primarily museums, but that did not stop some venturing out into the Camarina agora, a rather gothic scene, with the waves crashing in the background (the first real Roman fleet was destroyed just near by in the First Punic War) and the rain lashing down:


The museum itself contains remains of the temple of Athena from the early 5th century, as well as from the shipwrecks found near by — including a huge hoard of Roman coins and a set of Greek measuring weights.

The museum at Gela has a wonderful collection of Greek vases and Greek coins, and the sun came out long enough for us to stand on the terrace and see the site of the ancient, wealthy city — the city that produced the Deinomenids:



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