Schedule changes: Exam #3, HW #6, Syllabus

Since no strong objections were raised to the schedule changes that I had proposed, I have made the following changes for the upcoming exam, homework and classes (all of the appropriate online schedules have been updated to reflect these chanes):

Exam #3 – Thursday, Nov 19, in conference. Please attend conference at your normal time and location. Bring a model kit. Keep in mind that some students may have already taken the exam or will be taking the exam later than you, so please do not blurt out anything about the exam and do not discuss the exam publicly until 2 PM.

HW #6 – out late Monday, Nov 9; due Monday, Nov 16, noon; returned Wednesday, Nov 18, 9 AM.

Syllabus – I am gaining an extra lecture day on Monday, Nov 16 and this will affect the lecture schedule for the rest of the term. I will start lecturing on Chapter 10 on Monday, Nov 16. There will be two additional lectures on Chapter 10 on Wednesday, Nov 18 (note that these first two lectures are coming before exam #3) and on Friday, Nov 20. There will also be a lab lecture on Thursday, Nov 19.

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