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Chem 201-202 Transition State

Welcome back!Chem 202 pretty much picks up right where Chem 201 left off: same book, same rooms, same hours. There are some important changes, however, so please check out the following.Lecture. My role will be reduced. Pat McDougal will take… Continue reading

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The Final Exam

The final exam was a 200 point exam. All kinds of scores were obtained, but they seemed to fall into three groups. Medium-low, medium, and high. Interesting.After grading the exam and reflecting on the degree of difficulty, I decided to… Continue reading

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Last Semester's Paperwork

I spent a good chunk of winter break buried in paperwork. The stack of final exams, lab reports, and late homework assignments was almost 10 inches thick, but I eventually got through it.Now I want it to go away, all… Continue reading

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