The Final Exam

The final exam was a 200 point exam. All kinds of scores were obtained, but they seemed to fall into three groups. Medium-low, medium, and high. Interesting.

After grading the exam and reflecting on the degree of difficulty, I decided to add 10 points to the “raw score” on each exam to arrive at a “final score”. The following distribution is based on final scores.

60-79 points – 3 exams
80-99 points – 14 exams
100-119 points – 9 exams
120-139 points – 16 exams
140-159 points – 8 exams
160-179 points – 11 exams
180-200 points – 2 exams

Median score: 128 points

If you have questions or comments about the exam, come see me.

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