#32: Pigs and Plantations with Ema Chomsky ’21, Environmental Studies

Ema Chomsky ’21 wrote her thesis on the environmental history of Haiti by focusing on U.S. interventions in the country.

Reed community members can read Ema’s thesis, “Pigs and Plantations: US Environmental Interventions in Haiti in the Twentieth Century,” online in the Electronic Theses Archive.

#26: Subservient Citizens with Abhi Rajshekar ’21, Political Science

Abhi discusses how he came up with the idea of subservient citizens, and what led him to want to investigate state sponsored violence in his thesis year. He was also featured in Reed Magazine’s 2021 “What is a Reedie, Anyway?” article.

This is our last episode for the fall semester, but we’ll be back in late January with more interviews from the class of 2021. We hope you have a happy holiday season.

Reed community members can read Abhi’s thesis, “Constructing Subservience: Theorizing Citizenship Under the Incidence of State- Sponsored Violence,” online in the Electronic Theses Archive.

#22: Afghanistan and the Taliban with Ethan Sandweiss ’19, History

Our host, Amelie Andreas ’24, speaks with Ethan Sandweiss ’19 about his thesis on Afghanistan entitled “Highway to Hell: Afghanistan, America, and the Fragmented State.” Since this episode concerned recent events, this interview focuses a little more on the content of the thesis, and a little less on the experience of writing the thesis, than our interviews usually do. It is also a little bit longer than most episodes.

Learn more:

#11: Microfinance in Mexico with Alyse Cronk ’20, Economics

Alyse entered Reed with an interest in microfinance and connections in Mexico, so spending a year examining microloans and their outcomes for people in Mexico made sense for her. Listen to Alyse as she talks about the thesis she wrote as part of her bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Reed community members can read Alyse’s thesis online in the Electronic Theses Archive.

#4: China’s New Silk Road with Soha Ahmed ’20, Economics

Is history repeating itself? Today we will hear from Soha on China’s Belt and Road Initiative (which is often described as the 21st century silk road), and its effect on foreign investment in sub-saharan Africa.

Reed community members can read Soha’s thesis online in the Electronic Theses Archive.