#18: Tiny Machines with Kate Stoll ’04, Biochem and Molecular Biology

Kate Stoll ’04 reflects on her thesis work on ScaR proteins with Arthur Glasfeld, Margret Geselbracht Professor of Chemistry, and her fascination with proteins, the “tiny machines that do all the work in your body.” This was Frank’s first interview for the podcast and took place in-person in January 2020. Kate’s thesis title: “The DNA and metal ion specificity of ScaR, the Streptococcal cell adhesion protein regulator of ‘S. gordonii.'”

#9: DNA Investigations of Tiny Crustaceans with Nick Thayer ’20, Biology

Learn a bit about genomic sequencing and annotation of Daphnia magna (water fleas) with Nick as he talks about finding his thesis topic and advisor, and how he switched directions after the pandemic shutdown interrupted his lab work.

Reed community members can read Nick’s thesis online in the Electronic Theses Archive.

#6: Splitting Photons with Ely Eastman ’20, Physics

While photons are not considered matter, measuring, predicting and controlling photons matters a lot for the field of quantum optics. Today we will hear from Ely on his photon research, and how he dealt with the interruptions to lab work posed by the pandemic.

Reed community members can read Ely’s thesis online in the Electronic Theses Archive.