#26: Subservient Citizens with Abhi Rajshekar ’21, Political Science

Abhi discusses how he came up with the idea of subservient citizens, and what led him to want to investigate state sponsored violence in his thesis year. He was also featured in Reed Magazine’s 2021 “What is a Reedie, Anyway?” article.

This is our last episode for the fall semester, but we’ll be back in late January with more interviews from the class of 2021. We hope you have a happy holiday season.

Reed community members can read Abhi’s thesis, “Constructing Subservience: Theorizing Citizenship Under the Incidence of State- Sponsored Violence,” online in the Electronic Theses Archive.

#25: The Queer Outdoors with Lauren Mondroski ’21, History

Lauren and Amelie talk about Lauren’s thesis on intersections between queerness and the wilderness in postwar war America.

Lauren also created a Spotify playlist to go along with her thesis work. Here’s the playlist link if you’d like to check it out.

Reed community members can read Lauren’s thesis, “Out on the Trail: Queer Representations of Wilderness, Morality, and Fantasy, 1950-1979,” online in the Electronic Theses Archive.

#24: Gaps between Cells with Segovia Garcia ’21, Biochem and Molecular Biology

Segovia wrote a cell biology thesis that focused on cell shapes and the spaces between them. She talks about the path she took to get her thesis, how it became a collaboration with work done at another institution, and the relationship between this thesis work and current cancer research.

Reed community members can read Segovia’s thesis, “Cytoskeletal Regulation by the Gap Junction Forming Proteins Innexins,” online in the Electronic Theses Archive.

#23: Identities in Superhero Comics with Precious Romo ’21, Art

Precious and Amelie discuss Precious’s thesis work, which included creating an original comic called MOTH, and a written thesis exploring identity in superheroes and superhero comics.

Reed community members can read Precious’s thesis, “Framing Heroes In Crisis: Approaches to Identity in Superhero Comics,” online in the Electronic Theses Archive.

#22: Afghanistan and the Taliban with Ethan Sandweiss ’19, History

Our host, Amelie Andreas ’24, speaks with Ethan Sandweiss ’19 about his thesis on Afghanistan entitled “Highway to Hell: Afghanistan, America, and the Fragmented State.” Since this episode concerned recent events, this interview focuses a little more on the content of the thesis, and a little less on the experience of writing the thesis, than our interviews usually do. It is also a little bit longer than most episodes.

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