#41: Understanding Climate Graphs with Rishi Krishnamurthy ’22, Psychology

Why do two people look at the same graph and walk away with different interpretations? Rishi spent a year looking into some reasons for why this happens when people are looking at climate data.

Reed community members can read Rishi’s thesis, “Overt Attention and Cognitive Ability Explain Climate Graph Interpretation,” online in the Electronic Theses Archive.

#38: Teaching About Climate Change with Kieran Wharton ’22, Environmental Studies

When Kieran learned that high school chemistry teachers reportedly teach climate change at the lowest rate among STEM teachers, he decided to study this for his thesis. You won’t learn much about climate change in this episode, but you will learn about Kieran’s learning process as he discovered how education research is done (lots of analyzing of interview transcripts).

Reed community members can read Kieran’s thesis, “Incorporation of Climate Change Topics in High School Chemistry: Teacher Practices, Beliefs, and Barriers to Implementation,” online in the Electronic Theses Archive.

#21: Micro to Macro with Mahalia Dryak ’20, Environmental Studies

Frank Tangherlini ’22 talks to Mahalia about her thesis on microplastics, macroinvertebrates, and fresh water river systems in the Pacific Northwest. Reed’s Environmental Studies program is an interdisciplinary major which requires students to select a focus in one of five disciplines: biology, chemistry, economics, history, or political science.

Reed community members can read Mahalia’s thesis, “The Ubiquitous Pollutant: Measuring microplastics and ecosystem health along the Clackamas River, OR,” online in the Electronic Theses Archive.