#15: Queer Intimacy in Media with Saga Darnell ’20, Theatre/Dance

Frank and Saga discuss Saga’s thesis, “Our Beds Are Islands: Creating Queer Intimacy Through Physical Theatre In The Age Of Streaming Media”, which included a theatre performance in the fall.

If you’d like to hear more from Saga, check out this TEDx event from January 2020 (referenced on the podcast).

Reed community members can read Saga’s thesis online in the Electronic Theses Archive.

#7: An Illusion of Spontaneity with Rosie Tabachnick ’19, Theatre

A spontaneous thesis sounds like an oxymoron, but to Rosie Tabachnick it sounded like a challenge. Today we will hear about the use of spontaneity as a method of rehearsal and direction in her senior thesis production.