#13: Families in Photography Books with Duncan King ’20, Art

Frank and Duncan talk about his thesis, “Beyond the Photo Album: Families in Photography Books,” and Duncan explains why photo books are his favorite way to display photography. He also talks a bit about how the pandemic did, and didn’t, affect his thesis, along with how his current role working in the Reed Admission Office is informed by his experience in writing a thesis.

Reed community members can read Duncan’s thesis online in the Electronic Theses Archive.

#12: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes with Gerry Peña-Martinez ’20, Art/Economics

Gerry wrote a thesis which focuses on 20th century cigarette advertisements, and the relationship which those advertisements mediated between cigarettes and the people who smoke them. Follow along with Gerry’s experience writing this thesis for an ad hoc interdisciplinary major.

Reed community members can read Gerry’s thesis online in the Electronic Theses Archive.

#7: An Illusion of Spontaneity with Rosie Tabachnick ’19, Theatre

A spontaneous thesis sounds like an oxymoron, but to Rosie Tabachnick it sounded like a challenge. Today we will hear about the use of spontaneity as a method of rehearsal and direction in her senior thesis production.