#17: The Dizzying Math behind Spin Chains with Nate MacFadden ’19, Math/Physics

Nate is smiling and wearing plastic laurels with a white flower, and standing on Reed campus, with a dorm building in the background.

Join Seth Paskin ’90 as he interviews interdisciplinary Math/Physics graduate Nate MacFadden in Fall 2019 on his research into just how predictable quantum phenomena like spin chains really are. Don’t worry if that’s already got your head spinning, because this episode’s packed with a lot more than just math: from the hard and soft skills of thesising, to why your high school job might matter more than you think.

#6: Splitting Photons with Ely Eastman ’20, Physics

While photons are not considered matter, measuring, predicting and controlling photons matters a lot for the field of quantum optics. Today we will hear from Ely on his photon research, and how he dealt with the interruptions to lab work posed by the pandemic.

Reed community members can read Ely’s thesis online in the Electronic Theses Archive.